The Natemia baby hooded towel collection features two luxurious hooded towels in grey and white. Both our grey and white bamboo baby hooded towels come with sweet bear ears on the hood--an adorable design you and your little one will love!

At Natemia we use only the finest rayon-from-bamboo to manufacture our hooded towels. Bamboo fabric has amazing properties that make it an ideal choice for your baby’s bath linens. Not only do our towels feel incredibly plush, but because bamboo is a highly absorbent fabric, they dry your baby off much faster than ordinary towels.

Bamboo is a renewable resource that can be produced without the use of harmful chemicals. You’ll have peace of mind at each bath time knowing your baby is wrapped in a safe and earth-friendly fabric.

Rayon-from-bamboo is also antimicrobial and prevents the growth of mildew. This is great news for the busy parent who sometimes forgets to hang up baby’s towel.

Our grey and white bamboo hooded towels are larger than most baby hooded towels on the market, at a whopping 35x35 inches. Their generous size and natural durability means your little one will get years of use out of just one towel

View our gorgeous grey and white bamboo baby hooded towels above!