100% Organic Cotton Baby Sleeping Bag- Wearable Blanket


The Perfect Amount of Warmth - Natemia’s baby sleeping bag provides just enough warmth for your little one at night. Because of it’s lightweight and breathable material, baby won’t overheat, making it an ideal choice for those living in mild or warm climates.

Safe Baby Sleepwear - Unlike swaddle blankets which can come unwrapped and get tangled around your baby, our sleepsack stays stationary and safely zipped.This wearable blanket is a much smarter alternative to receiving blankets. When used as intended, the Natemia baby sleeping bag poses virtually zero suffocation risk.

Great for Active Babies - Once your infant can roll over, you’ll need a sleeveless sleepwear solution to keep your baby safe. Our sleepsack keeps baby’s arms completely unrestrained, while the wide and roomy leg portion allows baby to kick and wiggle her legs freely.

Organic and Natural - Natemia proudly uses Turkish GOTS certified 100% organic cotton to make our baby sleep sack. Our cotton is incredibly soft and gentle, making it a great choice for little ones with sensitive skin or skin conditions.

Practical Design - Late night diaper changes are so much easier with the Natemia baby sleeping bag. Our functional design features a zipper guard, zipper garage, and zipper cover that can be quickly unsnapped and opened from the bottom, so you don’t have to fully wake your baby for a diaper change.

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