Baby bathtime can be an amazing opportunity to bond with your child, but if you’re a first-time parent, it can also be a bit overwhelming, at least at first!


Portable Baby Tub or Sink:

It might seem tempting to put your little one in your bathtub but a big tub can be a dangerous place for a newborn. That’s why most experts recommend using a small, portable tub for babies. These are usually designed to fit right inside your regular bath or shower and pop in and out almost instantly. 

You can also use your sink if you don’t want to invest in a temporary tub that your little one will soon outgrow. Just make sure that the tub or sink you’re washing your baby in is at least reasonably clean. You don’t need to go crazy and fully sterilize the washing area every day, but keeping the area somewhat clean is a good way to keep your baby healthy! 

Warm Environment

We’ve all experienced the unpleasant chill of climbing out of a hot shower or bath in a chilly room, with goosebumps sending us scurrying for our towel or bathrobe the moment that the water shuts off. Don’t forget that your little one can get cold too, so make sure the environment you’re washing them in is warm enough!

Baby Safe Shampoo & Soap

Bathtime can be a barrel of fun for your little one as they splash and play in the warm, soapy water. Unfortunately, all of that splashing can cause them to accidentally get soapy water in their eyes. Luckily, there are many shampoos and soaps formulated with little ones in mind. A tearless product will prevent your baby’s eyes from stinging, hurting, or becoming irritated during bathtime chaos.

Baby Washcloth

Your baby’s incredibly soft and sensitive skin requires an appropriately soft washcloth. Ideally, a washcloth should be made from organic cotton zero-twist yarn, which is specifically designed to hold up after countless washing and drying sessions. You might have noticed that some washcloths tend to become very rough after a few washes. Zero-twist yarn stays soft so your baby’s skin is always protected.

Baby Hairbrush

Your baby might not have enough hair to need a hairbrush at first but eventually, they will need one! It’s easier to untangle your little one’s hair when it’s wet and you can even be use a soft bristle-brush as a remedy for cradle cap. Look for something with very soft bristles made from natural materials like goat hair. When your little one is a little older and the soft spot has closed they can graduate to something with more stiff bristles. 

Baby Towels

When bathtime is done all that’s left is to dry them off and wrap them up! Take your baby out of their bath and immediately dry them off with a baby-appropriate towel. As with washcloths we recommend organic materials and zero-twist yarn to ensure your towel will keep your little one warm and dry for years to come!

Positive Attitude

Like most parenting challenges, the most important thing you can bring to baby bathtime is a healthy dose of optimism. Be ready to make mistakes along the way and don’t let negative vibes get the better of you. Remember that you are growing along with your baby as you embark on the adventure of parenthood together. Things might get a little messy and that’s okay! Stay positive!

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