Our baby hair care collection combines functionality with the beauty of natural materials, to keep your child’s hair smooth and tangle-free.

At Natemia, we know the struggles parents face when caring for their little one’s hair. Our products take the stress out of hair care by making it easy to brush a wiggly baby or toddler’s hair without pulling or tugging.

Our goat-hair baby brush is designed to create a relaxing hair care experience for your baby. We use only the highest quality, natural goat hairs to craft a brush that gently smooths hair and prevents cradle cap, without putting pressure on your baby’s delicate scalp.

In addition to our goat hair baby brush, our 3-piece baby hair brush set also comes with a wooden bristle brush and comb.

The Natemia baby hair brush set will last for years to come and grows with your child. Each accessory is designed for the different stages of your little one’s hair growth.

Our goat hair baby brush is perfect for the newborn and infant stages when baby still has a soft spot.

Our comb and wooden bristle brush make caring for an older baby or toddler’s hair so much easier. The static-free bristles and wooden comb teeth freely glide through hair to detangle without frizz.

Check out our beautiful wooden brushes and combs above!