Wooden Baby Hair Brush With Natural Bristles

Wooden Baby Hair Brush With Natural Bristles

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  • Made from 100% all natural goat hair bristles
  • Crafted from natural beech wood
  • Static-free
  • Designed for a comfortable hold
  • Packaged in a sleek blue box with our signature branding
Product Details
  • CREATE A GENTLE HAIR-CARE ROUTINE: Our natural goat hair bristle brush glides through baby’s hair while protecting his delicate soft spot. Smooth your little one’s hair without pulling or damaging strands.

  • PREVENT AND REMOVE CRADLE CAP: Our soft baby hair brush gently massages baby’s scalp to remove flakes and evenly redistribute natural oils through the hair.

  • USE FOR A HEALTHY SCALP & HAIR: Daily brushing keeps the scalp healthy and promotes hair growth by stimulating blood circulation and reducing product buildup.

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