Rayon (made from Bamboo) hooded baby towel by Natemia is incredibly soft, thick and ultra absorbent 

Made from premium quality fabrics, Natemia bamboo hooded towels are incredibly soft and silky to the touch. At 500 GSM, they are also naturally absorbent and wick away moisture three times faster than ordinary towels to dry your baby quickly while keeping him warm and snug. Give your little one an exceptional bathing experience with our ultra plush and cozy bamboo baby bath towels!

Generously Sized and Extremely Durable Rayon (made from Bamboo) Hooded Towels for Kids

Natemia bamboo baby hooded towel is larger than most baby bath towels on the market. Its generous size means your little one will get years of use out of just one towel.  Perfect for infancy, toddlerhood, and beyond, our bamboo baby towel will stand the test of time through years of your child’s growth. Bamboo-derived rayon is extremely durable and keeps its softness even after countless trips through the wash.

Rayon (made from Bamboo) Baby Bath Towels that are Gentle on Baby’s Delicate Skin

Our organic bamboo baby hooded towel is ideal for little ones with sensitive or delicate skin. Rayon (made from Bamboo) fabric is odor-resistant, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and prevents the growth of mildew. And because our rayon (made from bamboo) baby hooded towel is never scratchy or rough, you can dry your little one without irritating their delicate skin.

We pride ourselves on making products that are good for the Planet and safe for babies. Rayon (made from bamboo) is a sustainable and fast-growing natural resource produced without the use of harmful pesticides. You’ll have peace of mind at each bath time knowing your baby is wrapped in a safe and earth-friendly fabric.  

Natemia Rayon (made from Bamboo) baby towel brings fun and warmth to a bathtime routine

Our exclusive hooded towels feature a friendly and adorable critter face on the plush hood. Sure to produce lots of giggles, your child will finally look forward to drying off after bath time.

Packaged in our signature blue box, Natemia rayon (made from bamboo) baby towel makes an excellent baby shower, birthday or baby registry gift! There is nothing cuter than a freshly bathed baby wrapped in a baby hooded towel with an adorable animal face!