Is there anything cuter than a baby wrapped up in a Natemia Organic Cotton Hooded Towel? Probably not!

The adorable ears and snuggly vibes are really only the first two reasons to love this baby bath time companion. We went to great lengths to create a towel that’s perfect for babies and toddlers in literally every way. 

Here are three reasons that you (and your little one) will totally love our Natemia Organic Cotton Hooded Towel!

Truly Eco-friendly (Yes, Really!)

At Natemia, we’ve always believed that our products shouldn’t just be good for our kids: They should also be good for the world that they’ll grow up to inherit.

That’s why we made our hooded towel using 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. GOTS stands for ‘Global Organic Textile Standard’  which is the world’s leading textile processing standard for organic fibers and products.

GOTS-certified fabrics are manufactured sustainably and are required to meet all kinds of environmental standards to minimize their impact on the environment. They’re also required to meet social standards for ethical production so that we can all feel good knowing that the workers who manufactured these fabrics were treated fairly and humanely. 

Soft Enough for Baby Skin

It’s no secret that babies and toddlers have very sensitive skin, which is why we parents need to be extra careful about what fabrics come in contact with their tiny bodies. Our hooded towels were designed with your little one’s comfort in mind using CloudTouch cotton and zero-twist yarn.

What is zero-twist yarn and why is it important?

You’ve likely noticed that many fabrics, especially towels and washcloths, tend to degrade and become rougher each time they’re washed. This generally happens when manufacturers use low-quality cotton yarn with shorter strands that tend to twist when they go through your washer and dryer.

Zero-twist yarn uses longer and stronger cotton fibers that are less likely to degrade and become rough. This means your baby’s hooded towel will stay soft and beautiful even after countless washes. It takes a little more effort, but we think your little one’s comfort is worth it!

It’s Unbelievably Absorbent

Another benefit of using zero-twist yarn is that it’s way more absorbent than regular yarn. You’ve undoubtedly used a towel that didn’t seem to absorb much or dry you off as quickly as you would like.

This annoying situation is caused by those short, low-quality cotton fiber strands that we mentioned in the last section. If you’ve ever looked closely at a towel, you’ve probably noticed that it’s covered in thousands of tiny loops. Cotton’s ability to absorb water is directly related to how much of its surface area is able to come in contact with the water. The bigger those loops are, the better the towel can absorb water. 

The longer cotton fibers in zero-twist yarn allow us to make those tiny loops longer and more dense, resulting in a far more absorbent towel. Drying off a squirming baby or hyperactive toddler has never been quicker or easier!

Ready to Grab One

Are you ready to grab a Natemia Organic Cotton Hooded Towel? We’re not surprised! Choose from a selection of six vibrant colors and give your little one the gift of snuggly softness! 

Brand Team