Bringing a new baby into your home is a big, beautiful moment. As parents we want our kids to enter an environment that’s safe, loving, and equipped to meet their every need. 

Before that moment comes, we make lists, shop fervently, and generally run around like crazy to make sure that our home is safe and ready for our baby. Even the most prepared new parents can be surprised at how quickly chaos descends on their home. Any parent who’s been through it knows the story. Regular chores get overlooked, clutter builds up, and the struggle to reorganize the nursery begins. 

At Natemia, we know the struggle of nursery organization all too well, which is why we created a line of handy storage solutions for busy parents. If you’re tired of tripping over pacifiers, consider one of the following.

Rope Diaper Caddy Organizer

This chic, minimalistic basket is the Natemia Rope Diaper Caddy Organizer. It has three separate compartments, one large and two small, giving you plenty of room to store diapers, breast pumps, baby wipes, diaper cream, and anything else your little one might need on the road or at home. 

The ultra-comfy carrying handles are there when you need them but fall conveniently out of the way when you’re rummaging for baby supplies. 

This caddy is a favorite of nursing moms who like to keep it by their bedside for night-time pumping sessions. The beautiful ivory fabric lining is even the perfect shade to hide small drops and spills. When your little one outgrows diapers, there’s a good chance you’ll repurpose this sturdy caddy as a day bag and keep it by your side for years to come.

Hanging Rope Basket

If you love the look and feel of the diaper caddy, why not choose a home organizer that matches?

These gorgeous Natemia Hanging Rope Basket are an elegant alternative to bulky plastic storage bins and can hold just about anything. They’re available in four sizes and eight colors which makes it super easy to match them to any purpose or nursery style. Fill them up with toys and blankets or use one as a laundry basket for soiled clothes, bibs, and towels.  

These organizers are so versatile that you can use them for everyday storage long after your little one grows up.

Crib Pocket Organizer

It’s 3AM and your baby is crying.

You’re bent over their crib in the dark trying to comfort them. You reach for something, anything to distract them; a rattle, maybe a pacifier, but you can’t find anything. Stumbling around in the dark to find a distraction to make your baby happy is going to be a real hassle. It might even be dangerous! 

We’ve been there. That’s why we absolutely love the Natemia Crib Pocket Organizer.

This handy organizer attaches directly to the side of your crib via adjustable straps and has three roomy pockets allowing you to keep just about anything you need at arm's length. It’s made from 100% organic cotton and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified, which means it’s totally baby safe. 

Choose from six modern colors to match any nursery and say goodbye to stretching, reaching, and desperately clawing at inopportune moments. Everything you need is right at your fingertips!

Diaper Backpacks

As a parent, there are countless times when you really need an extra pair of hands. Enter the Natemia Diaper Backpack

We love the Natemia Rope Diaper Caddy Organize, but when you’re juggling kids on the go, it pays to have a storage system you can throw on your back and forget about. 

This is no ordinary backpack though. It’s specifically designed with parents in mind and features twelve separate compartments, including a laptop sleeve so you can mix and match baby implements with the rest of your gear. We’ve included a super-useful removable changing pad that unrolls to cover any surface and provides a safe, hygienic, changing area in seconds. 

Wear it on your back or sling it over the handlebars of your stroller for easy access on a walk. This elegant backpack comes in five different colors so you can bring everything your baby needs without missing a step when it comes to style.

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