Every parent knows that there are many items that could go into a list of newborn baby essentials, but here at Natemia, we wanted to help you ensure that you have the basics before you get all the other things that you’ll no doubt want this summer for your little one. That’s’ why we curated a list of items you can use for cuddle time, for bath time, and even when you’re out and about. Most of these baby summer essentials can be used in a variety of situations too. 

Summer baby essentials list

Lightweight blankets

A lightweight muslin blanket is a versatile option. It is one of the summer newborn baby essentials and you might want to stock up on to ensure baby’s comfort.  Muslin blankets are versatile, soft for baby’s sensitive skin, and lightweight. That’s part of why they’re a must-have for any nursery. The Natemia muslin blanket is luxuriously soft, made of bamboo fabric, which means that it can stand up to tugging and chewing as your child gets older.  It has six layers of bamboo fabric but is lightweight. A plush, breathable blanket is essential to make sure that your baby is warm and cozy. A great blanket keeps baby comfortable and soothed but does not cause baby to overheat. It’s important too that any summer essentials for baby you buy has the potential to be useful in many situations and different ways. The muslin blanket from Natemia is a fabulous receiving blanket or baby quilt, but it’s also useful as a play mat when baby is on the floor, or you can use it to block out the sun when baby is in the stroller. It can be used in multiple situations and multiple ways.

Summer baby essentials for bath time

A hooded bath robe

A plush, hooded bath robe is a must-have summer baby clothing essential to help him feel cozy and warm after water play or bath time. Wrapping up in a plush bath robe is quite the indulgence for adults, right? Babies and toddlers deserve that same experience, and a hooded bathrobe is another addition to your little one’s closet. The hooded bathrobes from Natemia are designed for their comfort, and they’re designed to fit your little one at a variety of stages. In fact, your child can indulge in one of these hooded bath robes from birth to four years of age. Not only does the robe come with a hood to keep things cozy, the belt is attached, which means that there’s one less thing to worry about losing.  If the durability and softness of the item is a concern, this addition to your child’s closet is easy to care for – machine washable and made of CloudTouch material that is designed to keep its softness and smoothness, no matter how many times your child uses it and you have to wash it.

A hooded towel

When it comes to bath time, pool time, or even a day outdoors, a hooded towel is a fabulous thing to keep within reach in the bathroom, or in the diaper bag. You’ll want to add several of these to your newborn registry or when you’re shopping for things you want to add to the nursery. These are perfect for folding and stockpiling because they don’t take up much space, despite their plushness.  You’ll want a hooded towel that is soft to the touch and smooth against baby’s skin. And you’ll want something that is high quality, because like the muslin blankets and swaddles, your child will get plenty of use from these towels throughout the years. We recommend a super soft towel made from organic cotton or even bamboo which is not only fabulously plush but also naturally mildew and odor-resistant, which makes it an option that can help to ensure your baby safe and healthy.  These summer essentials for baby also come in fun styles and colors so they’re a great way for your little one to share their personality. 

Top summer baby essentials

A baby and toddler sun hat

A sun hat is a must if you’re taking your baby outside this summer. Whether your child is a newborn, is firmly in the infant stage, or is a toddler, their heads are super sensitive to the sun. When they wear a sun hat that is sized for them, it will not only protect their heads from the sun, but it will also provide a little shade for their eyes if they are not in a stroller or carrier with a cover.

A car seat or stroller cover

A car seat or stroller cover is a fantastic addition to any summer kit for your child. These can protect your little one’s eyes and sensitive skin as they block the sun when you’re out and about getting fresh air. You can find these in a variety of styles and sizes,

This summer baby essentials list is a great place to start if you’re building a baby registry for a bundle of joy to come, or if you’re adding items to, or replacing items in your nursery as your child grows. These items are all versatile, high quality, and easy to care for. We know that keeping your baby cool, comfortable, and healthy this summer is a top priority, and these summer essentials for baby are made to last through several stages of your child’s life.  Visit Natemia.com to learn more about our high-quality baby products, or to purchase some for yourself!
Ara Seropyan