Introducing... the Natemia Baby Skincare line. 

Natemia 3-in-1 Baby Shampoo, Body Wash, & Bubble Bath: Until babies are at least a year old, it is recommended that they use soaps and shampoos specifically formulated for this age group. Natemia’s 3-in-1 bath care is designed to make bath time stress-free for parents with an all-in-one solution, pump cap (one-handed dispensing), and limited ingredients / fragrance free (reduces chance of eye irritation). 

Natemia 3-in-1 Baby Cream For Face, Body, & Hands: A baby’s skin is prone to dryness and thus baby lotion is considered a nursery essential for parents. Lotion is almost always applied after bath-time and often in between as well. Natemia’s 3-in-1 cream is designed to streamline the daily moisturizing routine by providing a go-to solution for all a baby’s skincare needs.

Sprayable Diaper Cream: Diaper rash is a form of dermatitis often related to wet or infrequently changed diapers, skin sensitivity and chafing. Its inevitable occurrence makes diaper rash cream a nursery essential, used by parents for both prevention and treatment. Natemia’s diaper rash cream has a spray applicator and does not require rubbing in; a key point of difference when ease-of-use and hygiene are highly valued by parents.


These products are fragrance-free and have organic ingredients.