Becoming a parent is one of the most exciting and challenging journeys you'll embark on. As you prepare for the arrival of your little bundle of joy, one question that often comes to mind is, "How many baby clothes do I really need in the first year?"

It's a valid question, considering babies seem to outgrow their outfits in the blink of an eye! In this blog post, we'll help you navigate the world of baby clothes and provide some practical advice on how to build a well-rounded baby wardrobe for the first year.

Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to dressing your baby, quality should always take precedence over quantity. It’s almost always worth it to choose premium, gentle, and sustainable materials for your baby's clothing. 

Essential Baby Clothes for Year 1

Bodysuits (6-8 pieces): Bodysuits, also known as onesies, are the ultimate baby wardrobe staple. Opt for a mix of short-sleeved and long-sleeved bodysuits depending on the season.

Sleepers (4-6 pieces): Comfortable sleepwear is crucial for both you and your baby. Sleepers with easy-access snaps make nighttime diaper changes a breeze.

Tops and Bottoms (6-8 sets): Invest in a few sets of mix-and-match tops and bottoms for daytime outfits. Look for elastic waistbands and comfortable fits.

Swaddle Blankets (2-3 pieces): Swaddle blankets serve multiple purposes – they keep your baby warm, provide a sense of security, and can double as a stroller or nursing cover.

Outerwear (1-2 pieces): Depending on your climate, you may need a light jacket or a warmer coat for your baby during cooler months.

Hats and Mittens (2-3 sets): Keep your baby's head and hands protected from the elements with soft, breathable hats and mittens.

Socks and Booties (4-6 pairs): Tiny feet can get cold easily, so make sure you have enough socks and booties to keep them warm and cozy.

Special Occasion Outfits (1-2 pieces): Don't forget to have a few special outfits for milestones like birthdays, holidays, and family photoshoots.

Extras (2-3 pieces): It's a good idea to have a couple of extra items on hand, like bibs for messy feedings or drooling and a cozy baby blanket.

Size Matters

Babies grow rapidly during their first year, so it's essential to have a variety of sizes on hand. Start with newborn sizes, but also have some 0-3 months and 3-6 months outfits ready to go. As your baby grows, you can gradually introduce larger sizes. Keep an eye on your baby's growth chart to stay ahead of their clothing needs.

Laundry Frequency

With babies, laundry becomes a frequent chore. Aim to do a load of baby laundry every 2-3 days to keep their wardrobe well-stocked and clean. Having a few spare outfits can be a lifesaver for those unexpected messes.

Hand-Me-Downs and Gifts

Many new parents receive baby clothes as gifts or have access to hand-me-downs from friends or family. While it's wonderful to accept these items, remember that you don't need to purchase as many clothes if you already have some. Go through these items, select the ones in good condition, and integrate them into your baby's wardrobe.

In the first year of your baby's life, the key to building their wardrobe is a mix of practicality, comfort, and quality. Remember, it's not about the quantity of clothes but the love and care you provide that truly matter. Happy parenting!

Brand Team