Sleep is precious, even more so when you have a new baby. As a new parent, it’s easy to drive yourself crazy over every detail of your child’s care. Especially when it’s time to decide on your baby’s sleeping arrangements.
Many parents feel overwhelmed when they hear about the risks of SIDS and sleep-related death. However, parents can easily reduce these risks by taking some simple precautions to keep baby out of harm’s way. By creating a safe sleep environment, you’ll worry less and facilitate more peaceful slumber for you and your little one.

 To create an ideal sleep environment for your baby, first start with a firm and flat sleep surface, such as a crib or bassinet mattress. Look for a crib with stationary rails, as drop rails can pose a major safety hazard. Baby sleep positioners, such as wedges or mats for elevated sleep should also be avoided, as they increase the risk of suffocation.

To cover your baby’s mattress, choose a snug fitted sheet in a breathable material. Natemia’s organic cotton fitted sheet is lightweight and features deep pockets and sturdy elastic edges to prevent the sheet from slipping off the mattress.
Crib bumpers, loose blankets, and stuffed animals, though cute and decorative, greatly increase the risk of suffocation and should be avoided at all costs. Until your baby reaches toddlerhood, a minimalistic crib setup is the safest option.
The Safe to Sleep campaign, backed by the US National Institute of Child Health and Human Development recommends parents always place their babies on their backs for nighttime sleep and every nap. This is because babies are more likely to suffocate when lying on their stomachs or sides.
In the newborn stage, swaddling is an easy way to keep babies secure and content when laid on their backs. Be sure to learn the proper way to swaddle to ensure the blanket stays tightly wrapped and won’t come loose. Natemia’s muslin swaddle blankets are deliciously soft, and their extra large dimensions help you get that perfectly snug wrap around your newborn every time.
A little before your baby learns to roll over, at around 2 months, graduate them to a sleeveless sleep sack. Natemia’s organic cotton sleeping bag is a wearable blanket that allows baby more freedom of movement while still providing warmth and a feeling of security.
Thankfully the risk of sleep-related death decreases when babies enter toddlerhood. Once your pediatrician gives you the okay, try introducing a soft blanket to your little one’s crib (usually at around 18 months). Natemia’s bamboo muslin baby blanket is a great choice for this because it’s plush yet breathable to prevent overheating.

Ara Seropyan