3-in-1 Face, Body, and Hand Cream

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By Natemia

Velvety Smooth Skin: Give your baby the gift of velvety smooth skin all day long. Natemia's 3-in-1 Hand, Face, & Body Cream is 3 baby lotions in one, providing loving moisture to keep their skin soft and supple.

Gentle Hydration: Our baby lotion, enriched with shea butter and aloe, is perfect for sensitive skin and newborns. It's the ideal baby moisturizer and kids body lotion, providing gentle hydration with every use.

Complete Kids Lotion: From baby lotion for newborns to toddler lotion, this 3-in-1 cream is perfect for kids of all ages. It's a versatile addition to your collection of baby and child personal care products.

Fragrance-Free Bliss: Our lotion for kids is completely fragrance-free, ensuring a pure and gentle baby skin care experience. It’s safe as a newborn lotion and when used on sensitive baby skin.

Skin's Best Friend: Natemia's 3-in-1 Baby Hand, Face, & Body Cream is the ultimate choice in baby creams, offering the goodness of shea butter, aloe and other natural ingredients for your baby's skincare needs. This baby body lotion will keep your little one soft, comfy, and feeling loved.

Customer Reviews

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Soft and Hydrating!

Nice, light cream. It is more lotion-like in consistency than it is a cream. It rubs in nicely. I didn't notice any greasy look or feel after applying Just soft, smooth skin! I love that it's made from organic ingredients and that it is fragrance free. There is a slight scent to it, but it's from the ingredients itself (guessing the shea butter) vs a synthetic fragrance. It is a little pricey for what you get ($17.76 for 3 oz at time of this review).

Although good, value is meh.

This is a decent moisturizing cream, it seems to do it's job well. It's not as moisturizing as the CeraVe that comes in a green tub, in my opinion, but it works well on my sensitive-skinned kids. I feel like I need to reapply it a bit more than I'd like, but I have no complains. It is unscented, but it does have a vague scent I can only describe as, well, "cream." Like, you can smell it, it doesn't smell like anything in particular other than moisturizer.

Moisture and creamy

Very moisturizing and very creamy. Not just for babies. This cream really works well and especially in the winter months. No strong scents. Just a perfect pot of moisture to help your skin out. This is a great buy!

Works well

This lotions works well. Itƒ??s easy to apply and doesnƒ??t leave any oily residue. The only downside is the smell. I donƒ??t care for it at all. Iƒ??m not really sure what it is, Iƒ??ve smelled in non-scented lip balm before and itƒ??s just very unpleasant. Other than that, Iƒ??m happy with it.


The shea butter cream works well for moisturizing. Appears a bit thick but not that as it looks, very easy to apply and absorbed. Could be applied by adults too I think. Says fragrance free but a very faint smell as moisturizers. Overall good.