Multi-Functional Bamboo Washcloth Set

As parents at Natemia, we know firsthand that even the cutest baby can make some pretty big messes! That’s why we choose only the softest and most durable fabrics to create our organic bamboo baby washcloths.

Made from organic bamboo and cotton, our baby washcloth combines the super-powers of both fabrics to create the best bamboo washcloths that can handle any mess. Our bamboo washcloths are perfect for cleaning up spills or spit-up, for bath time, or as part of your baby’s cloth diaper routine. 

Organic bamboo baby washcloths make a best choice for delicate skin

Not only is our bamboo washcloth highly absorbent, it is also mildew-resistant, thanks to bamboo’s naturally antibacterial properties. In addition to their absorbency and strength, our bamboo washcloth is also incredibly soft, so it won’t scratch or irritate your little one’s delicate skin, making it the best bamboo baby bath washcloth for little ones delicate and sensitive skin.

Best Bamboo Baby Bath Washcloth

Our ultra-soft bamboo washcloth for kids comes in a set of six or ten- grey, white and a combination of white/peach colors. Packaged in our signature blue Natemia box, each washcloth is tied up in a sweet and simple white ribbon bow, making them a perfect versatile gift. Our bamboo washcloth for kids is also perfect for household use.