Panda Hooded Towel for Kids

By Natemia

  • FUN PANDA DESIGN: Bring joy and giggles to your little one’s bathtime routine with Natemia Panda face Hooded Towel! This fun and unique design will keep your baby entertained while drying off

  • ULTRA SOFT, THICK & ABSORBENT: Natemia Panda hooded towel is incredibly soft and super absorbent. After a warm bath, it will dry your little one in seconds keeping him snug and cozy from head to toe.

  • DURABLE & EXTRA LARGE: The Natemia Panda Hooded Towel will stand the test of time through years of your child’s growth, remaining super soft even after numerous trips through the washer and dryer.

  • Sized at 40” x 30”
  • 70% rayon (made from bamboo)/30% cotton
  • Features cute Panda hood design
  • Weighing at 500 GSM
  • Made in Turkey

Customer Reviews

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Amazon Customer
I love this towel

I love this towel! It is exactly as advertised. It is soft and it gets softer with each wash. It doesn't fray and it sucks up moisture like crazy. I was skeptical because it's not very thick, but after a moment or two wrapped up in this soft little bear towel, my son is perfectly dry. It's also a good size. My two year old is on the tall side, but it wraps around him with room to spare. I am planning on ordering the hippo one in grey as well.

Have already bought a 2nd one!

I am very pleased with the quality of this product. Super soft and did not have a smell of anything when removing from package. You might think for $24 that is a lot to spend on a baby towel. But just think about the $12 towels you can buy at other baby stores. This towel is so much softer, much better quality, it is organic bamboo and is beautiful and neutral. It is a slightly off white color so just know that if you are wanting a white towel. Also the customer service at Natemia is amazing and very personable. I had a small thing come up with a promo code for my 2nd purchase and they emailed me right back to help me. I am definitely impressed and will recommend these to other parents.

Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer
most were not as soft as I would have liked. these brand are softer & have so far ...

I have had several kids hooded towels, most were not as soft as I would have liked.  these  brand are softer & have so far don't show many signs of wearing. I would consider them high quality compared to other kids towels

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Cute, soft, and absorbent

Towel is cute, soft to the touch, and quite absorbent to keep the child warm and dry. It is large enough to be able to wrap young toddlers, and pricing is just about right.

Great eco-friendly baby towel!!!

Every mother will look for the best for her child. I was doing research and found out that bamboo is very beneficial for the skin. And decided to purchase a towel for my baby boy. Baby's skin is very sensitive and you want to make sure to be gentle on it. This towel is amazing! The minute I opened a package I was impressed how delicate it is. It has an extremely resilient and durable fibre. At the same time it can feel beautifully soft and pleasant to the touch. This eco-friendly towel do not irritate my son's skin. It is also more absorbing than cotton towels. Ohh...and those cute bear ears - so adorable! The color is perfect for boys and girls. I highly recommend it for your baby! It's a great baby shower gift too.